Exhibitor/AAO Entities Liaisons

Jessica Grimmer - grimmeje@umich.edu
Katherine Beard - kvjohn@umich.edu

GORP 2018 Chairs

Spencer Crouch - crouchsp@umich.edu
Alex Pischke-Thomas - kapt@umich.edu

Faculty Advisors

Dr. James A. McNamara, the Thomas M. and Doris Graber Endowed Professor of Dentistry Emeritus, Department of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Michigan, is the Founding Director of GORP. He may be reached by email at mcnamara@umich.edu or by telephone at (734) 476-3233.

Christopher A. Roberts - findlay@umich.edu


Frank Meiners - admin@gorportho.com